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Reading Group:
Topics on Truth and Paradoxes

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Meetings are on Fridays: 15:00 – 16:45 at SADAF

Date Paper Presented by
 March 31th Halbach and Zhang, “Yablo without Godel” (Analysis) Eduardo
 April 7th  TBA  Diego
 April 14th National Holidays
 April 21th  Hjortland, “Truth and the maxim of minimal mutilation” (draft)  Federico
 April 28th  Priest, “Conceiving the impossible” (Philosophical Studies) Alba
 May 5th  Winton & Muskens, “A Gentzen Calculus for nothing but the truth” (JPL) Dami
 May 12th  Urbaniak, “Many-valued logic of informal provability” (RSL) Paula
 May 19th  Fine, “A theory of partial truth” (draft) Ramiro
 May 26th Hjortland, “What counts as evidence for a logical theory” (draft)  Omar
 June 2nd  Woods, “Emptying a paradox of ground” (draft) Joaquín
 June 9th  Griffith, “Inferentialism and quantification” (Notre Dame) Maru
 June 16th
 June 23rd
 June 30th  Ogaard, “Paths to triviality” (JPL) Bruno
 July 14th  TBA  Lucas
 July 21st
 July 28th
 August 4th 6th Workshop on Philosophical Logic