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Reading Group:
Topics on Non-Classical Logics

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All meetings are on Fridays: 16:00 – 17:00 at IIF-SADAF-CONICET

Chair: Damián Szmuc


Date Paper Presented by
March 5th Field – What Is the Normative Role of Logic? (Proc Arist Soc) Mariela Rubin (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
March 12th TBA Eduardo Barrio (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
March 19th Ripley – Naive set theory and nontransitive logic (RSL) Bruno Da Ré (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
March 26th Ferrari & Orlandelli – Proof-theoretic pluralism (Synthese) Paula Teijeiro (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
April 2rd Holidays
April 9th Humberstone – Power Matrices and Dunn-Belnap Semantics (AJL) Eliana Franceschini (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
April 16th da Costa & Arenhart – Full-blooded anti-exceptionalism about logic (AJL) Miguel Álvarez Lisboa (IIF-SADAF-CONICET)
April 23th Solaki – Bounded Multi-agent Reasoning: Actualizing Distributed Knowledge (Proceedings of DaLi 2020) Alba Cuenca (UBA)
April 30th N. Smith – The principle of uniform solution (of the paradoxes of self-reference) (Mind) Rocío Rotiman (UBA)
May 7th Kremer – Kripke and the Logic of Truth (JPL) Camila Gallovich (UBA)
May 14th Kapsner – Removing the Oddity in First Degree Entailment (Thought) Isis Urgell (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
May 21st Font – On substructural logics preserving degrees of truth (Bulletin of the Section of Logic) Joaquin Toranzo (UBA)
May 28th Workshop UNAM/BA-LOGIC
June 4th Edgington – Indicative Conditionals (SEP) Damián Szmuc (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
 June 11th Steinberger – Why conclusions should remain single (JPL) Camillo Fiore (UBA)
June 18th Dutilh Novaes – Reassessing logical hylomorphism and the demarcation of logical constants (Synthese) Adriana Marrero (UBA)
June 25th Ruan & Thielscher – A Logic for Knowledge Flow in Social Networks (Advances in AI) Joaquin Bardauil (UBA)
July 2nd Maddy – Proper classes (JSL) Lucas Rosenblatt (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
July 9th Holidays  
July 16th Hofweber – Validity, paradox, and the ideal of deductive logic (Revenge of the Liar, OUP) Aylen Castro (UBA)
July 23rd Fitting – A Family of Strict/Tolerant Logics (JPL) Eduardo Barrio (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
July 30th Humberstone – Contra-classical Logics (AJP) Eliana Franceschini (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
August 6th WX on Philosophical Logic: Adoption Problem  
August 13th WX on Philosophical Logic: Metainferences and Proof-theory  
August 20th WX on Philosophical Logic: Classical vs Non-Classical Logics  
August 27th WX on Philosophical Logic: Logical connectives  
September 3rd Priest – Negation as cancellation, and connexive logic (Topoi) Eliana Franceschini (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
September 10th Gendler Szabó – Logical Form through abstraction (Disputatio) Adriana Marrero (UBA)
September 17th Triviality results for conditional probability Mariela Rubin (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
September 24th Lassiter – What we can learn from how trivalent conditionals avoid triviality (Inquiry) Mariela Rubin (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
October 1st Cintula & Paoli – Is multiset consequence trivial? (Synthese) Camillo Fiore (UBA)
October 8th Hlobil – A Nonmonotonic Sequent Calculus for Inferentialist Expressivists (LOGICA Yearbook 2015) Joaquin Toranzo (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
October 15th Miguel Álvarez Lisboa (IIF-SADAF-CONICET)
October 22nd   Rocío Rotiman (UBA)
October 29rd   Joaquin Bardauil (UBA)
November 5th   Paula Teijeiro (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
November 12th Martin – Searching for Deep Disagreement in Logic (Topoi) Aylen Castro (UBA)
November 19th   Bruno Da Ré (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
November 26th   Camila Gallovich (UBA)
December 3rd   Damián Szmuc (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)
December 10th   Juan Manuel Di Leo (UBA)
December 17th   Isis Urgell (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA)