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Reading Group:
Topics on Non-Classical Logics

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All meetings are on Fridays: 16:00 – 17:00 at IIF-SADAF-CONICET

Chair: Damián Szmuc


Date Paper Presented by
March 11th De Finetti – The Logic of Probability (Phil Studies) Mariela Rubin (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
March 18th Martin – Searching for Deep Disagreement in Logic: The Case of Dialetheism (Topoi) Aylen Bavosa Castro (UBA)
March 25th Dicher – Hopeful Monsters (Erkenntnis) Camillo Fiore (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
April 1st Hlobil – Limits of Abductivism About Logic (PPR) Omar Vázquez Dávila (UNGS)
April 8th Kamareddine, Laan and Nederpelt – A modern Perspective on Type Theory (ch. 3) Miguel Álvarez Lisboa (IIF (CONICET-SADAF))
April 15th Holidays  
April 22nd Égré – Vagueness: Why Do We Believe in Tolerance? (JPL) Agustina Borzi (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
April 29th Hlobil -Expressing Validity: Towards a Self-Sufficient Inferentialism (LOGICA Yearbook 2019) Joaquín Toranzo Calderón (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
May 6th Halbach & Nicolai – On the costs of nonclassical logic (JPL) Lucas Rosenblatt (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
May 13th Kortenbach – The Classicality of Epistemic Multilateral Logic (Master Thesis) Federico Pailos (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
May 20th Skura – Post Completeness in Multiple-Conclusion Logic Eliana Franceschini (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
May 27th Workshop UNAM / BA-Logic  
June 3rd Lahav – Studying Sequent Systems via Non-deterministic Multiple-Valued Matrices (JMVL&SC) Bruno Da Ré (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
June 10th Garson – Expressive power and incompleteness of propositional logics (JPL) Paula Teijeiro (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
June 17th Holidays  
June 24th    
July 1st Yablo – Grounding, dependence, and paradox (JPL) Camila Gallovich (UBA)
July 8th van Fraassen – Probabilities of Conditionals Mariela Rubin (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
July 15th Pietz & Riveccio – Nothing but the Truth (JPL) Agustina Borzi (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
July 22nd Dicher – Weak Disharmony (RSL) Camillo Fiore (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
July 29th Incurvati y Smith – Rejection and valuations (Analysis) Joaquín Toranzo Calderón (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
August 5th Roziére – Admissible and derivable rules in intuitionistic logic (Math.  Str. Comp. Sc.) Miguel Álvarez Lisboa (IIF (CONICET-SADAF))
August 12th XI Workshop on Philosophical Logic  
August 19th Sinnott-Armstrong – “MPP, RIP”, RIP (Phil Papers) Aylen Bavosa Castro (UBA)
August 26th Dosen – Logical constants as punctuation marks (NDJFL) Eliana Franceschini (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
September 2nd    
September 9th Kouri Kissel – Metalinguistic negotiation and logical pluralism (Synthese) Omar Vázquez Dávila (UNGS)
September 16th   Eduardo Barrio (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
September 23rd Bradley – A defence of the Ramsey test (Mind) Mariela Rubin (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
September 31st Humberstone – Contra-classical logics (AJP) Damian Szmuc (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
October 14th Fischer, Horsten & Nicolai – Hypatia’s Silence (Nous) Lucas Rosenblatt (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
October 21st French – Metasequents and tetravaluations (JPL) Bruno Da Ré (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
October 28th Egré – The knower paradox in the light of provability interpretations of modal logic (JoLLI) Edson Bezerra (ANPCyT)
November 4th Misiuna – A certain consequence relation for solving paradoxes of vagueness (L&A) Ignacio Casado (UBA)
November 11th    
November 18th Gallovich – Aplicación y adopción de reglas lógica  Juan Manuel Di Leo (UBA)
November 25th Workshop on Logic and Philosophy  
December 2nd SADAF Conference  
December 9th Holidays  
December 16th Murzi & Topey – Categoricity by convention (Phil Studies) Paula Teijeiro (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)