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Topics on Non-Classical Logics

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All meetings are on Fridays: 16:00 – 17:00 at IIF-SADAF-CONICET

Chair: Damián Szmuc


Date Paper Presented by
March 11th De Finetti – The Logic of Probability (Phil Studies) Mariela Rubin (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
March 18th Martin – Searching for Deep Disagreement in Logic: The Case of Dialetheism (Topoi) Aylen Bavosa Castro (UBA)
March 25th Dicher – Hopeful Monsters (Erkenntnis) Camillo Fiore (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
April 1st Hlobil – Limits of Abductivism About Logic (PPR) Omar Vázquez Dávila (UNGS)
April 8th Kamareddine, Laan and Nederpelt – A modern Perspective on Type Theory (ch. 3) Miguel Álvarez Lisboa (IIF (CONICET-SADAF))
April 15th Holidays  
April 22nd Égré – Vagueness: Why Do We Believe in Tolerance? (JPL) Agustina Borzi (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
April 29th Hlobil -Expressing Validity: Towards a Self-Sufficient Inferentialism (LOGICA Yearbook 2019) Joaquín Toranzo Calderón (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
May 6th Halbach & Nicolai – On the costs of nonclassical logic (JPL) Lucas Rosenblatt (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
May 13th Kortenbach – The Classicality of Epistemic Multilateral Logic (Master Thesis) Federico Pailos (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
May 20th Skura – Post Completeness in Multiple-Conclusion Logic Eliana Franceschini (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
May 27th Workshop UNAM / BA-Logic  
June 3rd Lahav – Studying Sequent Systems via Non-deterministic Multiple-Valued Matrices (JMVL&SC) Bruno Da Ré (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
June 10th Garson – Expressive power and incompleteness of propositional logics (JPL) Paula Teijeiro (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
June 17th Holidays  
June 24th    
July 1st Yablo – Grounding, dependence, and paradox (JPL) Camila Gallovich (UBA)
July 8th van Fraassen – Probabilities of Conditionals Mariela Rubin (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
July 15th Pietz & Riveccio – Nothing but the Truth (JPL) Agustina Borzi (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
July 22nd Dicher – Weak Disharmony (RSL) Camillo Fiore (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
July 29th Incurvati y Smith – Rejection and valuations (Analysis) Joaquín Toranzo Calderón (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
August 5th Roziére – Admissible and derivable rules in intuitionistic logic (Math.  Str. Comp. Sc.) Miguel Álvarez Lisboa (IIF (CONICET-SADAF))
August 12th XI Workshop on Philosophical Logic  
August 19th    
August 26th   Aylen Bavosa Castro (UBA)
September 2nd    
September 9th    
September 16th   Mariela Rubin (IIF (CONICET-SADAF) & UBA)
September 23rd    
September 31st   Edson Bezerra (ANPCyT)
October 7th Holidays  
October 14th    
October 21st    
October 28th    
November 4th    
November 11th    
November 18th    
November 25th    
December 2nd    
December 9th Holidays  
December 16th