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Topics on Non-Classical Logics

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All meetings are on Fridays: 15:00 – 16:45 at IIF-SADAF-CONICET

Chair: Bruno Da Ré


Date Paper Presented by
March 3rd Barrio, E., Égré, P. Editorial Introduction: Substructural Logics and
Metainferences. J Philos Logic 51, 1215–1231 (2022).
Miguel Álvarez
March 10th Ripley, D. One Step is Enough. J Philos Logic 51, 1233–1259 (2022).
Joaquín Toranzo Calderón
March 17th Fitting, M. (2021). The Strict/Tolerant idea and bilattices. In Arnon Avron on Semantics and Proof Theory of Non-Classical Logics (pp. 167-191). Cham: Springer International Publishing. Camillo Fiore
March 24th The Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice  
March 31st Fjellstad, A. Metainferential Reasoning on Strong Kleene Models. J Philos
Logic 51, 1327–1344 (2022).
Paula Teijeiro
April 7th Easter holidays  
April 14th McAllister, I. Classical Logic is not Uniquely Characterizable. J Philos Logic
51, 1345–1365 (2022).
Federico Pailos
April 21st Workshop in Córdoba  
April 28th Cobreros, P., La Rosa, E. & Tranchini, L. Higher-level Inferences in the
Strong-Kleene Setting: A Proof-theoretic Approach. J Philos Logic 51,
1417–1452 (2022).
Agustina Borzi
May 5th Golan, R. Metainferences from a Proof-Theoretic Perspective, and a
Hierarchy of Validity Predicates. J Philos Logic 51, 1295–1325 (2022).
Bruno Da Ré
May 12th Porter, B. Supervaluations and the Strict-Tolerant Hierarchy. J Philos Logic
51, 1367–1386 (2022).
Paula Teijeiro
May 19th Ferguson, T.M., Ramírez-Cámara, E. Deep ST. J Philos Logic 51, 1261–1293 (2022). Edson Bezerra
May 26th Touristic Bridge  
June 2nd Zardini, E. The Final Cut. J Philos Logic 51, 1583–1611 (2022).
Eliana Franceschini
June 9th Přenosil, A. (2017). Cut elimination, identity elimination, and interpolation in super-Belnap logics. Studia Logica, 105(6), 1255-1289. Damián Szmuc
June 16th Workshop BA-Logic – NUS  
June 23rd Dosen, K. y Schroeder-Heister, P. Conservativeness and uniqueness. Theoria, 1985, vol. 51, p. 159-173. Mariela Rubin
June 30th TBA Camila Gallovich
July 7th TBA Agustina Borzi
July 14th Fitting, M. A Family of Strict/Tolerant Logics. J Philos Logic 50, 363–394 (2021). Eliana Franceschini
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July 28th CLMPST 2023  
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August 11th TBA Edson Bezerra
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