Recent Publications

Recent Publications

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  • Lucas Rosenblatt and Camillo Fiore
    “Recapture Results and Classical Logic”
    Mind, 2023.

  • Camila Gallovich and Lucas Rosenblatt
    “Paradoxes, Hypodoxes, and More”
    M. Petrolo and G. Venturi (eds.), Paradoxes between truth and proof. Synthese Library, 2022.

  • Roberto Ciuni, Thomas Macaulay Ferguson, and Damián Szmuc
    “Modeling the Interaction of Computer Errors by Four-Valued Contaminating Logics”
    in R. Iemhoff, M. Moortgat, and R. de Queiroz, editors, Proceedings of the 26th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information, and Computation, 2019.

  • Damián Szmuc and Hitoshi Omori
    “Conjunction and Disjunction in Infectious Logics”
    in A. Baltag, J. Seligman and T. Yamada, editors, Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Logic, Rationality, and Interaction, 2017.

  • Eduardo Barrio and Lavinia Picollo
    “Notes on ω-inconsistent theories of truth in Second-order languages”
    Review of Symbolic Logic, 6 (4): 733–741, 2013.

  • Lavinia Picollo
    “Yablo’s paradox in second-order languages: Consistency and unsatisfiability”
    Studia Logica, 101 (3): 601–617, 2012.