Sorted by year of acceptance

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  • Camillo Fiore
    “Classical Logic Is Connexive”
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  • Bruno Da Ré, Damián Szmuc and M. Inés Corbalán
    “Non-Reflexive Nonsense: Proof-Theory for Paracomplete Weak Kleene Logic”
    Studia Logica, 2023.

  • Damián Szmuc
    “Non-Transitive Counterparts of Every Tarskian Logic”
    Analysis, 2023.

  • Camila Gallovich and Lucas Rosenblatt
    “Paradoxes, Hypodoxes, and More”
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  • Miguel Álvarez Lisboa and Gisele Dalva Secco
    “History of logic in Latin America: the case of Ayda Ignez Arruda”
    British Journal of History of Philosophy, 2021.

  • Damián Szmuc
    “The (greatest) fragment of Classical Logic that respects the Variable-Sharing Principle (in the Fmla-Fmla framework)”
    Bulletin of the Section of Logic, 2021.

  • Lucas Rosenblatt
    “Should the Non‐Classical Logician be Embarrassed?”
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  • Roberto Ciuni, Thomas Macaulay Ferguson, and Damián Szmuc
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  • Roberto Ciuni, Thomas Ferguson and Damián Szmuc
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  • Eduardo Barrio, Federico Pailos and Damián Szmuc
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  • Damián Szmuc and Hitoshi Omori
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  • Eduardo Barrio, Lucas Rosenblatt and Diego Tajer
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  • Federico Pailos and Lucas Rosenblatt
    “Non-deterministic Conditionals and Transparent Truth”
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  • Federico Pailos and Lucas Rosenblatt
    “Solving Multimodal Paradoxes”
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  • Lucas Rosenblatt
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  • Eduardo Barrio and Lavinia Picollo
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