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Date Paper Presented by
 March 31th Halbach and Zhang, “Yablo without Godel” (Analysis) Eduardo
 April 7th  TBA  Diego
 April 14th National Holidays
 April 21th  Hjortland, “Truth and the maxim of minimal mutilation” (draft)  Federico
 April 28th  Priest, “Conceiving the impossible” (Philosophical Studies) Alba
 May 5th  Winton & Muskens, “A Gentzen Calculus for nothing but the truth” (JPL) Dami
 May 12th  Urbaniak, “Many-valued logic of informal provability” (RSL) Paula
 May 19th  Fine, “A theory of partial truth” (draft) Ramiro
 May 26th Hjortland, “What counts as evidence for a logical theory” (draft)  Omar
 June 2nd  Woods, “Emptying a paradox of ground” (draft) Joaquín
 June 9th  Griffith, “Inferentialism and quantification” (Notre Dame) Maru
 June 16th  Berto, “Negation as modality” (Mind) Diego
 June 23rd  Hitoshi & De, “There is more to negation than modality” (JPL) Paula
 June 30th  Ogaard, “Paths to triviality” (JPL) Bruno
 July 7th Pulcini & Varzi, “Paraconsistency in Classical Logic” (Synthese) Federico
 July 14th  WIP
 July 21st Estrada, “Fifty shades of logical consequence” (LLP) Eduardo
 July 28th Correia, “Weak necessity in Weak Kleene matrixes” Dami
 August 4th 6th Workshop on Philosophical Logic
 August 11th
 August 18th  Incurvati & Murzi, “Maximally Consistent Sets of Instances of Naïve Comprehension” (Mind)  Lucas
 August 25th  WIP
 September 1st Steinberger, “Logical normativity and logical pluralism” (

Humberstone, “Valuational semantics and rule derivability” (JPL)

 Diego / Paula
 September 8th Berto, “Aboutness in imagination” (Philosophical Studies)  Ramiro
 September 15th WIP
 September 22nd Omori, “From paraconsistent to dialetheist logic” Eduardo
 September 29th WIP
 October 6th  AFRA
 October 13rd  Ripley and French, “Valuations” (draft)  Federico
 October 20th Ripley and French (cont.)  Federico
 October 27th Cintula y Paoli, “Is multiset consequence trivial?” (Synthese)  Ricardo
November 3rd WIP
November 10th Wigglesworth, “Logical anti-exceptionalism and theoretical equivalence” (Analysis) Eliana
 November 17th Strollo, “A simple notion of validity for alethic pluralism” (Synthese)  Alba
 November 24th  Stei, “Rivalry, normativity, and the collapse of logical pluralism” (Inquiry) David
 December 1st Eklund, “Making sense of logical pluralism” (Inquiry) Camillo
 December 8th  Berto, French, Priest & Ripley, “Williamson on Counterpossibles” (JPL)  Diego
 December 15th  Restall, G. “First-degree entailment, symmetry and paradox” (AJL)  Isis
 December 22th  Ripley, D. “Vagueness is a kind of conflation” (LLP)  Agustina


Date Paper Presented by
March 11th Fjellstad, “Naive modus ponens and failure of transitivity” Bruno Da Re
March 18th Button, “Knot and Tonk” Joaquin Toranzo
March 25th Easter Week
April 1st Ripley, “Naive set theory and nontransitive logic” Lucas Rosenblatt
April 8th Testa et al, “Paraconsistent belief revision” Diego Tajer
April 15th Marcelo Coniglio’s PhD Seminar
April 22th 3rd Workshop CLE – BA Logic
April 29th Restall, “Pluralism and proofs” Eduardo Barrio
May 6th Kouri, “Restall’s Proof-Theoretic Pluralism and Relevance Logic”  Omar Vásquez
May 13th Ripley, “Anything goes” Mariela Rubin
May 20th Weber et al, “Tolerating Gluts”  Paula Teijeiro
May 27th Ferguson, ”Cut-Down Operations on Bilattices” Damian Szmuc
June 3th  Bjerring & Schwartz, “Granularity problems”  Ramiro Caso
June 10th 4th Colloqium of Young Researchers in Analytic Philosophy
June 17th  Holidays
June 24th  Federico Pailos
July 1th  French, “Structural reflexivity and paradoxes”  Bruno Da Ré
July 8th Holidays (Independence Day)
July 15th  Weber, “Transfinite numbers in paraconsistent set theory” (RSL)  Lucas Rosenblatt
July 22th Weber et al, “What is an inconsistent truth table?” (AJP)  Diego Tajer
July 29th II Jornadas nacionales de filosofía
August 5th Bonnay, “Carnap problem and compositionality” (Erkenntnis)  Mariela Rubin
August 12th Bacon, “Non-classical metatheory for non-classical logics” (JPL)  Paula Teijeiro
August 19th Wintein, “On all strong Kleene generalizations of classical logic” (Studia Logica)  Damián Szmuc
August 26th  Zangwill, “Logic as metaphysics” (Journal of Philosophy)  Juan Manuel Di Leo
September 2th  Dicher, “A proof-theoretic defense of meaning-invariant logical pluralism” (Mind)  Natalia Buacar
September 9th Allo, “Synonymity and Intra-Theoretical Pluralism” (AJP)  Omar Vásquez
September 16th  Woods, “Assertion, denial, content and (logical) form” (Synthese) Federico Pailos
September 23th Lavinia Picollo’s seminar on Neofregeanism
September 30th Fine, “Some puzzles of ground” (NDJFL) Joaquín Toranzo
October 7nd  Beall, “End of inclosure” (Mind)  Eduardo Barrio
October 14th Fjellstad, “Omega-inconsistency without cuts and nonstandard models” (AJL)  Bruno Da Ré
October 21th  Berto, “Impossible worlds and the logic of imagination” (Erkenntnis)  Diego Tajer
October 28th Steinberger, “Why conclusions should remain single” (JPL) Lucas Rosenblatt
November 4th Chemla, Egré & Spector, “Characterizing logical consequence in many-valued logics”, (Ms)  Damián Szmuc
November 11th  Griffiths, “Harmonious rules for identity” (RSL) Mariela Rubin
November 18th  Hjortland, “Antiexceptionalism about Logic” (PS)  Omar Vasquez
November 25th V Workshop on Philosophical Logic
December 2th Caret: “The collapse of logical pluralism has been greatly exaggerated” (Erkenntnis) Diego Tajer
December 9th Avron, “Tonk: a full mathematical solution” Paula
December 16th Beall, “Off-topic: a new interpretation of Weak Kleene Logic” (AJL) Eduardo 
December 23th Ripley et al: “Priest’s motorbike and Tolerant Identity” Federico


Date Paper Presented by
March 13th Priest, G. (2015) “Plurivalent Logic”

Ariel Roffé.
March 20th Murzi, J & Carrara, M. (2014) “Paradox and Logical Revision. A Short Introduction”

Bruno DaRé
March 27th Fischer, M., & … (2015) “Axiomatizing Semantic Theories of Truth ? Lavinia Picollo
April 10th Smith, N. “Undead argument: the truth functionality objection to fuzzy theories of vagueness”

Joaquín Toranzo
April 17th Berto, F. (2015) “Absolute Contradiction, Dialetheism, and Revenge”

Juan Nescimbene
April 24th Barrio, Pailos & Szmuc “Expressing Truth in LFIs”

May 8th Wansing, H. & Priest, G. (2015) “External Curries”

Damian Szmuc
May 15th French, R. & Ripley, D. (2014) “Contractions of non-contractive consequence relations”

Federico Pailos
May 22th Zardini, E. (2014), ‘Naive Truth and Naive Logical Properties”

Lucas Rosenblatt
May 29th Discussion about internalizing metarules
June 5th Sagi, G. (2014) “Formality in Logic: Formal Logical Terms to Semantic Constraints.”

Mariela Rubín
June 12th Meadows, T. (2014) “Truth, Dependence and Supervaluation: living with the ghost”

Paula Teijeiro
June 19th WIP: Barrio, Rosenblatt & Tajer, “Capturing Naive Validity in the Strict-Tolerant Approach”
June 26th Omori, H & Sano K “Generalizing Functional Completeness in Belnap-Dunn Logic”

Damian Szmuc
July 3th Juan Comesaña “Condicionales, obligaciones, y obligaciones condicionales”
July 10th JC Beall “End of inclosure”

Eduardo Barrio
July 17th WIP: Lucas Rosenblatt “Non-classical theories of truth: operational and substructural”
July 24th Stephan Kramer “Semantic values in higher-order semantics”

Ramiro Caso
July 31th Dave Ripley “Paraconsistent Logic”

Ariel Roffé
August 7th Gillian Russell “The Justification of the Basic Laws of Logic”

Diego Tajer.
August 14th Horsten & Leigh (forthcoming in Mind) “Truth is simple”

Lavinia Piccolo.
August 21th IV Workshop on the Philosophy of Logic
August 28th Salvatore Florio “Untyped Pluralism”

Ramiro Caso
September 4th Mark Jago “The problem of rational knowledge” Erkenntnis 2014

Diego Tajer
September 11th David Ripley “Comparing Substructural theories of truth” Ergo (2015)

Lucas Rosenblatt
September 18th WIP: Natalia Buacar “La Justificación de la Deducción”
September 25th Coniglio, M. (2015) “logics of formal inconsistency arising from systems of fuzzy logics” IGLP

Paula Teijeiro
October 2nd Andrew Bacon “Curry’s Paradox and ω-Inconsistency”

Bruno Da Ré
October 9th Weir, “A Robust Non-transitive Logic”

Eduardo Barrio
October 16th Steinberger, F., (2015) ”Three ways in which logic can be normative”

Joaquín Toranzo.
October 23th Cuini “Conjunction in Paraconsistent Weak Kleene Logic”

Damian Szmuc
October 30th Tanaka & Girard “Paraconsistent dynamics” Synthese 2015

Diego Tajer.
November 6th Moriconi “Steps Towards a Proof-Theoretical Semantics” Topoi (2012)

Mariela Rubin.
November 13th Caret & Weber “A Note on Contraction-Free Logic for Validity

Federico Pailos
November 20th Tranchini (2014) “Harmonising harmony” Natalia Buacar
November 27th Moretti’s Workshop
December 4th S. Negri & J. von Plato “Cut elimination in the presence of axioms”

Lucas Rosenblatt