WIP Seminar

WIP Seminar

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All talks are on Fridays: 17:30 – 19:00 at SADAF

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 March 17th (15:00) “Sequent Calculi for Theories of Truth based on Infectious Logics”

(17:30) “Consequence relations without valid sentences, inferences and metainferences”.

Bruno Da Re (Conicet – UBA), Pailos (Conicet – UBA) & Szmuc (Conicet – UBA)



Federico Pailos (Conicet – UBA)

 Marh 24th  Holiday
 March 31th “Inconsistency, Paraconsistency and omega-inconsistency” Bruno DaRe (Conicet – UBA)
 April 7th “Making a world of chance” Ramiro Caso (Conicet – UBA)
 April 14th Holiday
April 21th “What is a paraconsistent Logic” Barrio (Conicet – UBA), Pailos (Conicet – UBA) & Szmuc (Conicet – UBA)
 April 28th “Against Moderate Epistemic Akrasia”. Nicolás Loguercio (Conicet – UBA)
 May 5th “Refinements of Orthopairs and IUML-algebras” Stefania Boffa  (Università dell’Insubria, Italy.)
 May 12th “Comparing Methods of Classical Recapture” Diego Tajer  (Conicet – UBA)
 May 19th “Acceptance, Rejection and Off-Topic in Weak Kleene Logics” Damian Szmuc (Conicet – UBA)
 May 26th “Subvaluationism with consistency operators” Paula Teijeiro (Conicet – UBA)
 June 2nd  “Evidencia en lógica” Omar Vazquez ( UBA)
 June 9th  “Estructuralismo fácil para el lógico moderno”. Ariel Roffe (Conicet – UBA)
 June 16th “A substructural classical logic for a theory of transparente truth” Federico Pailos (Conicet – UBA)
 June 23rd “Being in disagreement” Ramiro Caso (Conicet – UBA)
 July 7th “Algebraic Semantics for BL-Possilistic Logic”  Ricardo Rodriguez (UBA)
 July 14th “Pluralismo y Criterios de Logicidad” Joaquín Toranzo (UBA)
 July 21st  TBA Lucas Rosenblatt (Conicet – UBA)
 July 28th TBA  Andreas Fjellstad (University of Bergen– Norway)
 August 4th 6th Workshop on Philosophical Logic
 August 11th
 August 18th
 August 25th  TBA Tuomas Tahko (University of Helsinki-Finland)
 September 1st
 September 8th
 September 15th “Measuring Tie Strength in Implicit Social Networks”



Tina Eliassi-Rad (Rutgers University -Department of Computer Science)

Branden Fitelson (Northeastern University – Department of Philosophy)

 September 22th  TBA
 September 29th  TBA  Lavina Picollo (MCMP)