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 March 17th (15:00) “Sequent Calculi for Theories of Truth based on Infectious Logics”

(17:30) “Consequence relations without valid sentences, inferences and metainferences”.

Bruno Da Re (Conicet – UBA), Pailos (Conicet – UBA) & Szmuc (Conicet – UBA)



Federico Pailos (Conicet – UBA)

 Marh 24th  Holiday
 March 31th “Inconsistency, Paraconsistency and omega-inconsistency” Bruno DaRe (Conicet – UBA)
 April 7th “Making a world of chance” Ramiro Caso (Conicet – UBA)
 April 14th Holiday
April 21th “What is a paraconsistent Logic” Barrio (Conicet – UBA), Pailos (Conicet – UBA) & Szmuc (Conicet – UBA)
 April 28th “Against Moderate Epistemic Akrasia”. Nicolás Loguercio (Conicet – UBA)
 May 5th “Refinements of Orthopairs and IUML-algebras” Stefania Boffa  (Università dell’Insubria, Italy.)
 May 12th “Comparing Methods of Classical Recapture” Diego Tajer  (Conicet – UBA)
 May 19th “Acceptance, Rejection and Off-Topic in Weak Kleene Logics” Damian Szmuc (Conicet – UBA)
 May 26th “Subvaluationism with consistency operators” Paula Teijeiro (Conicet – UBA)
 June 2nd  “Evidencia en lógica” Omar Vazquez ( UBA)
 June 9th  “Estructuralismo fácil para el lógico moderno”. Ariel Roffe (Conicet – UBA)
 June 16th “A substructural classical logic for a theory of transparent truth” Federico Pailos (Conicet – UBA)
 June 23rd “Being in disagreement” Ramiro Caso (Conicet – UBA)
 July 7th “Algebraic Semantics for BL-Possilistic Logic”  Ricardo Rodriguez (UBA)
 July 14th

15:00 “Recent developments on the ecumenical perspective”

17:30 “Pluralismo sin preservación de verdad”

Luiz Carlos Pereira (PUC – Rio)

Joaquín Toranzo (UBA)

 July 21st “In Defense of Multiple Conclusions” Lucas Rosenblatt (Conicet – UBA)
 July 28th “Eliminating Cuts on Bullets”  Andreas Fjellstad (University of Bergen– Norway)
 August 4th 6th Workshop on Philosophical Logic
 August 11th  Workshop Sadaf
 August 18th Hierarchies of Paraconsistency and Classicality  Eduardo Barrio, Federico Pailos & Damian Szmuc
 August 25th “Why is there anything at all? The probabilistic answer”


“Varieties of fundamentality”

Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra (University of Oxford – Conicet)

Tuomas Tahko (University of Helsinki-Finland)

 September 1st Reading Group
 September 8th “What’s really wrong with Empiricist Structuralism? The Pragmatics of Representation and Common Sense Realism”  Bruno Borge (UBA)
 September 15th “Measuring Tie Strength in Implicit Social Networks”


“Two New(ish) Triviality Results for Indicative Conditionals”

Tina Eliassi-Rad (Northeastern University – NETSCI Institute and Computer Science)

Branden Fitelson (Northeastern University – Department of Philosophy)

 September 22th “Classes, Why and How”  Thomas Schindler (University of Cambridge)
 September 29th “Deflationism Broadened”  Lavina Picollo (MCMP)
 October 6th “On transitivity and undecidability of some lattice-based modal logics” Amanda Vidal (Institute of Computer Sciences, Czech Academy of Sciences)
 October 13th “Paraconsistency and Philosophical Interpretations” E. Barrio (Conicet-UBA) & B.DaRe (Conicet-UBA)
 October 20th Is it possible to gain new knowledge by deduction? Nancy Abigail Nuñez (UNAM)
 October 27th  “Subject matter relatedness and disagreement”  Ramiro Caso (Conicet-UBA)
 November 3rd  “Logic, Justification and Normativity”  Natalia Buacar (UBA)
 November 10th  Juan Larreta Lectures Paulo Faría (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
 November 17th “RI-logics, provability logic and the modal logic of generic absoluteness.” Giorgio Venturi (CLE-Campinas)
 November 24th  “LFIs and methods of classical recapture”  Diego Tajer (Conicet – UBA)
 December 1st “About two ways to understand metainferences”. Pailos Federico (Conicet – UBA)
 December 8th “Negation, contradiction and non-determinism in inconsistent solutions to semantic paradoxes”  Eliana Franceschini (UBA)
 December 15th “Meta-Validity” Paula Teijeiro (Conicet – UBA)
 December 22th  “Truth and Invalidities”  Lucas Rosenblatt (Conicet – UBA)
 December 29th  “A variety of metainferential consequence relations”  Federico Pailos (Conicet – UBA)


February 26th 15:00 Lucas Rosenblatt (Conicet – UBA) ” “What counts as a naive validity predicate?”

17: 30  Elia Zardini (University of Lisbon)  “Against the World”

March 4th 15:00 Juan Redmond (Universidad de Valparaíso) “Dialogical Harmony: Tonk, constructive type theory and rules for anonymous players”

17: 30 Elía Zardini (University of Lisbon) “Instability and Contraction”

March 11th Lavinia Picollo (MCMP – CONICET) “Truth and Second-order quantification”
March 18th Ramiro Caso (UBA) “Rescuing untyped pluralism”
March 25th Easter Week
April 1st Thomas Schindler (University of Cambridge) “A deflationary account of classes”
April 8th Nicolás Lo Guercio (CONICET) “Moderate Epistemic Akrasia and Doxastic Rationality”
April 15th Damian Szmuc (CONICET – UBA) “Infectious Logics and Bilattices”
April 22th 3rd Workshop CLE – BA Logic
April 29th Ariel Roffé (CONICET- UBA) “Optimality and Fitness”
May 6th Natalia Buacar (UBA) “Los desafíos planteados por tonk”
May 13th Ramiro Caso (UBA) “Being in disagreement”
May 20th Paula Teijeiro (CONICET – UBA) “Sobre tonk”
May 27th Mariela Rubin (UBA) “Tonk, conservatividad y reglas estructurales”
June 3th Lucas Rosenblatt (CONICET  – UBA) “Inferentialism and Naive Validity”
June 10th 4th Colloqium of Young Researchers in Analytic Philosophy
June 17th Holidays
June 24th Pierre Cassou-Noguès (Paris VIII) “Kurt Gödel: What is Mathematical Objectivity?”
July 1th  Federico Pailos (CONICET – UBA) “How to use a consistency operator to make accurate translations”
July 8th  Eduardo Barrio (CONICET – UBA) “De qué hablan las LFIs?”
July 15th  Stephan Hartmann (MCMP) “Learning (causal) conditionals”
July 22h  Bruno Da Ré (CONICET – UBA) “Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic: Semantic paradoxes and vagueness”
July 29th  Damian Szmuc (CONICET – UBA) “A general framework of Routley-Meyer semantics for Infectious Logics”
August 5th  Federico Pailos (CONICET – UBA) “A Naive validity predicate for a dialetheist theory”
August 12th  Luiz Carlos Pereira (PUC – Rio) “The syntax and semantics of the ecumenical : classical and intuitionistic logic coexisting peacefully”
August 19th  Paula Teijeiro (CONICET – UBA) “A Pretty Classical Tonk for the Simple Semanticist”
August 26th Bruno Borge (UBA) “Realismo Estructural Epistémico, Leyes y Modalidad”
September 2th  Ramiro Caso (CONICET – UBA) “A Simple Predicate View of Proper Names”
September 9th Lavinia Picollo (MCMP) “Deflationism and Second-Order Quantification”
September 16th Nicolás Lo Guercio (CONICET – UBA) “What bigots do say: a reply to Difranco”
September 23th  Lucas Rosenblatt (CONICET – UBA) “Varieties of noncontractivism”.
September 30th Juan Manuel Di Leo  “Hacedores de verdad, cuantificación y mundos posibles.”
October 7nd  Diego Tajer (CONICET – UBA) “The normative role of paraconsistency: a response to Steinberger”
October 14th  Eduardo Alejandro Barrio (CONICET – UBA) “Models & Proofs: LFIs without a Canonical Interpretation”
October 21th Ariel Roffe, (CONICET – UBA)”Sobre el estatus del concepto de deriva en la teoría evolutiva – conclusiones desde una reconstrucción formal de la genética de poblaciones”
November 11th Damián Szmuc (CONICET – UBA),  “Connexive Logics and LFIs”
November 18th Ricardo Oscar Rodriguez “Fuzzy Neighbordhood Semantics”
November 25th V Workshop
On Philosophical Logic
December 2th Mariela Rubin (UBA) and Joaquín Toranzo (UBA),  “Trivialidad Relativa”
December 9th Bruno Borge (UBA), “Estructura física y relaciones de dependencia”
December 16th  Ramiro Caso (UBA), “The Goodship Project and Absolute Generality”
December 23th  Eduardo Barrio (Conicet – UBA) “Models & Proofs: LFIs without a Canonical Interpretation”


March 6th Eleonora Cresto (Conicet) “Confirmational holism and theory choice: Arrow meets Quine”
March 13th Lavinia Picollo (Conicet – UBA) “Deflacionismo y Referencia”
March 20th Federico Pailos (Conicet – UBA) “A completeness proof for a LFI with a transparent truth predicate”.
March 27th Eduardo Barrio (Conicet – UBA) “Aserción, Desacuerdos y Paraconsistencia”
April 10th Eleonora Orlando (Conicet – UBA) “Files for fiction”
April 17th Nicolás Lo Guercio (Conicet – UBA) “Epistemic dependence and peer disagreement”.
April 24th Juan Redmond (Universidad de Valparaiso) “Lógica Dialógica”
May 8th Sergio Barberis (Conicet – UBA) “Multiple Realizability, Mechanisms and Levels of Organization”.
May 15th Lucas Rosenblatt (Conicet – UBA) “Teorías no-clásicas de la verdad: operacionales y subestructurales “
May 22th Diego Tajer (Conicet – UBA) “Logical rationality and diversity”
May 29th Ramiro Caso (UBA) “Being in disagreement”
June 5th Diana Pérez (Conicet – UBA) “Expresión, lenguaje y arte, desde la segunda persona”
June 12th Damian Szmuc (Conicet – UBA) “Limits of expressing self-reference in logics of Formal inconsistency and truth”
June 19th Paula Teijeiro (Conicet – UBA) “Superevaluar o Revisar”
June 26th Bruno DaRé (Conicet – UBA) “Omega inconsistencia y verdad: ¿compatibles?”
July 3th Carolina Sartorio (University of Arizona) “Omisiones, Causalidad y Responsabilidad”.
July 17th Nicolás Lo Guercio (Conicet – UBA) “Desacuerdos entre Pares Epistémicos: Problemas y Soluciones”
July 24th Luis Rosa (UniLa) “A logic of offline rationality”
July 31th Ignacio Ojea (Columbia University) “Game semantics for (some) Many-valued Logics”
August 7th Javier Castro Albano (UBA-UNR) “Lógica, verdad y verdadero en…”
August 14th Ramiro Caso (UBA) “Relativism and Chance”
August 21th IV Workshop on the Philosophy of Logic
August 28th Lavinia Picollo (Conicet – UBA) “Deflacionismo, Referencia y Paradojas”
September 4th Ariel Roffé (UBA) “La selección natural darwiniana y la genética de poblaciones”
September 11th Eduardo García Ramirez (UNAM) “Externismo, ficción y términos vacíos”.
September 18th Diego Tajer (Conicet – UBA) “Racionalidad lógica y diversidad”.
September 25th Mariela Rubin (UBA) “La Raya como Constante”
October 2nd Liza Skidelsky (Conicet – UBA) ”Facultad del lenguaje, especificidad de dominio”
October 9th Ramiro Caso (UBA), “Rescuing untyped pluralism?”
October 16th Damian Szmuc “Non-deterministic Classical Negation and Belnap-Dunn Logic”
October 23th Bruno Da Ré: “Teorías de la verdad omega-inconsistentes: el caso de PALTr”
October 30th Lucas Rosenblatt (Conicet-UBA) “Internalizing validity in (some) substructural logics.”
November 6th Santiago Ginnobili (Conicet – UBA) “Explicar y contrastar”.
November 13th Nicolás Lo Guercio (Conicet – UBA) “Higher-order suspension of judgment”
November 20th Damian Szmuc (Conicet – UBA) “Varieties of aboutness-preserving arguments”
November 27th Moretti’s Workshop
December 4th Christian De Ronde (Conicet) “Superposiciones cuánticas, lógicas paraconsistentes y realidad física”
December 18th Nicolas Clerbout (Universidad de Valparaiso) “Dialógica y plurivalencia: Panorama y nuevas direcciones” .
December 18th Paula Teijeiro (Conicet – UBA) “Sorites y Curry”