III Workshop on Philosophical Logic

III Workshop
On Philosophical Logic
Symposium on Yablo’s Paradox
with Roy T. Cook
(University of Minnesota, USA)

Argentinean Society
of Philosophical Analysis (SADAF)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tuesday, July 24


Eduardo Barrio (UBA – Conicet) “The Yablo Paradox and Circularity”,

Lavinia Picollo (UBA – Conicet) “The Old-Fashioned Yablo Paradox”

Roy Cook’s reply

Paula Teijeiro (UBA) “Circularity is still scary”

Roy Cook’s reply

Federico Pailos (UBA – Conicet) “About two objections to Cook’s proposal”

Roy Cook’s reply

16:45: Coffee Break


Diego Tajer (UBA – Conicet) “Anti-realism and infinitary proofs”

Roy Cook’s reply

Lucas Rosenblatt (UBA – Conicet) “On the possibility of a general purge of self-reference”

Roy Cook’s reply

Ignacio Ojea (UBA – Conicet) “The structural collapse approach reconsidered”

Roy Cook’s reply