2nd Workshop Oxford – Buenos Aires Logic Group

2nd Workshop Oxford University (UK) and Buenos Aires Logic Group (Argentina)

April 10 to 12, 2013
Argentinean Society
of Philosophical Analysis (SADAF)
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Wednesday, April 10th

Chair: Volker Halbach 

14-15: Roy Cook (University of Minnesota): Expressive Completeness and Revenge: Embracing the

15-16: Lucas Rosenblatt (UBA-Conicet) & Damián Szmuc (UBA-CIN) : Truth is Pathological

16-16.30: Coffee Break

Chair: Lucas Rosenblatt

16.30-17.30 Graham Leigh (University of Oxford): TBA

17.30-18.30 Federico Pailos (UBA-Conicet) : A Suitable Conditional for a Trivalent Theory of Truth

18.30-19: Coffee Break

Chair: Eduardo Barrio

19-20: Volker Halbach: Faithful to Classical Logic

Workshop Dinner

Thursday, April 11th

Chair: Jeffrey Ketland

14-15: Eduardo Barrio (UBA-Conicet) : Rejecting Transitivity: Some Worries about a Revisionary Approach to Logic

15-16: Ole Hjortland (LMU Munich-MCMP) : Truth in Substructural Logics

16-16.30: Coffee Break

Chair: Carlo Nicolai

16.30-17.30 Julien Murzi (University of Kent): Validity and Truth-preservation

17.30-18.30 Diego Tajer (UBA-Conicet): Logics, Beliefs and Disagreement

18.30/19: Coffee Break

Chair: Lavinia Picollo

19-20: Jeffrey Ketland (University of Oxford): Leibniz Equivalence

Thursday, April 11th

Chair: Federico Pailos

14-15: Eleonora Cresto (UNTREF-Conicet): Unknowable Propositions in a Probabilistic Framework

15-16 James Studd (University of Oxford): Abstraction Reconceived.

16-16.30: Coffee Break

Chair: James Studd

16.30-17.30: Carlo Nicolai (University of Oxford) : Axiomatic Truth, Syntax and Metatheoretic Reasoning

17.30-18.30: Lavinia Picollo (UBA-Conicet): Reference is Problematic

18.30-19: Coffee Break

Chair: Diego Tajer

19-20: Michael Glanzberg (Northwestern University): Hierarchies and Complexity


The Workshop Truth, Paradoxes and Inexpressibility is organised by the Buenos Aires – Oxford Research Project: Truth, Open-endedness and Inexpressibility, and it will take place from Wednesday the 10th to Friday the 12th of April 2013 in SADAF, 642 Bulnes St, Buenos Aires City, Argentina. The conference is supported by the UK-Latin America and the Caribbean Link Programme of the British Academy. This event is also supported by DAAD Projekt (UBA – MCMP) 2013-2014 ID 56133156: Truth, Paradoxes and Modalities.