Symposium on David Ripley’s forthcoming book: Uncut

Symposium on David Ripley’s forthcoming book:

July 31, 2017
Argentinean Society
of Philosophical Analysis (SADAF)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is a special meeting devoted to discussing Dave Ripley’s manuscript Uncut, organized by the Buenos Aires Logic Group. The event will include presentations on sub-structural logics, in particular on non-transitive logics and their connexions with classical logic.


13:00 to 13:50. Presentation of the book by Dave Ripley (University of Connecticut).

14:00 to 14:50. Damian Szmuc (IIF-CONICET; University of Buenos Aires)

15:00 to 15:50. Thomas M. Ferguson (Cycorp; CUNY)

16:20 to 17:10. Rohan French (University of Groningen).

17:20 to 18:10. Eduardo Barrio (IIF-CONICET – University of Buenos Aires) and Federico Pailos (IIF-CONICET; University of Buenos Aires)


We are thankful for the support provided by CONICET

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